E.D.M = Electronic Dance Music

Celebrating Music and Light Trance


Electronic Trance Music Composer/Mixer/Vocalist.

Genre: Light Trance, Uplifting, Spoken Word.

Niki C creates, song mixes and composes electronically nature inspired, intricate woven sounds, overlaying wavs.

Personally, I feel that there is a strong desire for this kind of music fusion - bringing E.D.M together with Vocals, the best of both worlds.

Dance music with Soul. Lyrics create meaning and that creates excitement, connection and unity with an audience in a way other than dancing. It also draws people attention forward, and is a grounding effect where your feet and booty want to move.

Also, I believe electronic music merged with both female and male vocalists is the best of masculine & feminine energy. It's invoking the yin & yang, the co-creative qualities that harmonize within each other and embody both Soul & Sensuality with the Rhythm and the Trance of the beat.

Niki C is formally a E.D.M Composer/Mixer Dj & Vocalist... Experimental Musician....fusing light sounds into song.

Electronic melodies, mixed with Niki vocal add-ins...futuristic and hypnotic uplifting sounds.

Studio based Northern NSW Hinterland Coast, Australia.


Live Free Album

Niki C Mix Songs

A collection of music mixes created by Niki C since 2005. 

Ranging from ambient chill to upbeat dance and light trance sounds.

Available to download mp3 collection via email link aswell as receiving USB Album via Australia Post for $25.00 aud, via Paypal.

The great thing with USB is that you can simply plug into car or speakers to play directly, always at your finger tips :-)

Thankyou for supporting independant artists! Enjoy the music :-)



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Current mix releases by Niki C available for streaming via Spotify